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This site is a free and growing resource for plot summaries on books ranging from general literature to works of drama and everything in between. Over the coming months new free plot summaries will be added with particular emphasis on covering those books that are often ignored by other websites. In addition, unlike many other free book summary sites, SuperSummary does not charge anything for the content--all book summaries are absolutely free. Longer summaries offer the option for you to purchase a very inexpensive PDF version of the plot summary so you can easily print it out and take it with you, but other than this optional resource, everything you find here is yours for the taking.

Below is an alphabetized list of all available summaries. Expect this list to grow and hey, thanks for your support!

As mentioned, this is a growing and still-developing site  We hope to keep bringing in new content with each passing week and welcome your suggestions anytime, especially if there's a book, short story, or work of drama you would like to see here.

Check back frequently for more in the way of summaries--who knows, the book summary you need most could be the one just added!